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Luxfer Prisms
Bring unfailing results because they are always adjusted to meet the conditions.

IT IS NOT A MATTER OF GUESS WORK.—Angles are adjusted on scientific principles, and we guarantee Luxfer Prisms will accomplish all we claim for them.
By the use of Luxfer Prisms the upper window space which is an obstacle to artistic window trimming, is utilized in flooding the store interior with bright daylight.
Luxfer Prisms carry the daylight equally to every part of the room and successfully solve the problems that are unsatisfactorily attempted with artificial light. Who is there that cannot recall the displeasure with which purchases are considered in a poorly lighted store where artificial light is deceiving. Many sales are lost daily from this cause alone. Few people will buy unless they are satisfied, and it is impossible to satisfy a careful buyer in a poorly lighted store.
LUXFER PRISMS ARE NOT AN EXPENSE—they are a "gilt-edged" investment, returning large dividends to the investor. A saving of 25 to 50 per cent. in the cost of artificial lighting is frequently effected. Light wells increase insurance rates, and are sources of danger, to say nothing of occupying valuable floor space. They can be dispensed with in nearly every building by the proper use of Luxfer Prisms.
Do not hamper your architect with false economies. The cost of a Luxfer installation of Prisms is only slightly more than for the cheap so-called "prismatic glass." The difference is soon saved and then, for all time, you have perfect daylight fixtures.

Three Classes of People who Cannot
Afford to Delay Installing Luxfer Prisms

  • MERCHANTS whose premises are not flooded with daylight.
  • MANUFACTURERS of all classes.
  • OWNERS OR LESSEES of basements which are not utilized to their greatest advantage.