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Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft / Luxfer Prismen-Fabrik
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Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft sidewalk marker


Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft deck prisms
Luxfer deck prisms
  • Berlin-Weißensee / Berlin-Weissensee


  • 1899 · Founded as a foreign branch of the Luxfer Prism Company
  • 1907? · ...became Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft when?...
  • 1909 Glaseisenbeton (Keppler-System) introduced
  • 1910 Pavilions at the Brussels World's Fair
  • 1913 Gold medal for pavilion at the Baufachausstellung in Leipzig (architect: Bruno Möhring)
  • 1914 Glasshaus, Bruno Taut's pavilion at the Werkund Ausstellung in Cologne (displaying all of Luxfer's products)
  • 1929 Glass ceiling in Otto Haesler's auditorium (Volksschule, Celle)
  • 1935 Modern glass block introduced
Bruno Taut's Glashaus-Pavilion under construction, ca 1912 Bruno Taut's Glashaus-Pavilion, exterior, Cologne Werkbund 1914 Exhibition Bruno Taut's Glashaus-Pavilion, interior, Cologne Werkbund 1914 Exhibition
Bruno Taut's Glashaus-Pavilion, Cologne Werkbund 1914 Exhibition


  • Founded 1899 as (a foreign branch of the Luxfer Prism Company)
  • Director: Friedrich Keppler (1862-1940), who emigrated to the US in 1888 and joined the American Luxfer Prism Syndicate.
  • Expanded product line with Glaseisenbeton (the Keppler System), heavy glass tiles joined up with thin reinforced concrete bars. The tiles were not prismatic.
  • Deutsche Luxfer's entire product line was on display in Bruno Taut's famous Glass Pavillion (Glashaus) at the Werkbund Ausstellung in Cologne in 1914.


1904 Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft ad
Tageslicht in dunkle Räume.

Für Wagen- und Fufsgänger-Verkehr.
Feuersichere, lichtdurchlässige Fenster für Brandmauern,
Treppenhäuser, Schaufenster-Abschlüsse etc.

Luxfer-Dachsprossen zu Dachverglasungen ohne Kitt.
(Staub- und wasserdicht)
Prospekte und Voranschläge auf Wunsch kostenlos.

BERLIN S. 42, Ritterstrasse 26. Telephon IV. 4227.
1905 ad
Luxfer-Prismen und Elektro-Glas
Luxfer-Prismen und Elektro-Glas
Luxfer Prismen-Fabrik, Vienna, ca.1906, 35p
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  • See: Liese, Paul: Luxfer-Prismen
  • The importance of the Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Syndikat by Neal Nielsen
  • Paul Liese patents:
    • Number 283,882 for "Improvement in Composite Glass and Ferroconcrete Construction for Walls, Floors, Roofing and the Like" (Germany)
    • Number 289,696 for "Improvements in Glass Bricks for Walls, Floors, Pavement Lights and the Like" (Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany)