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Deutsches Luxfer Prismen Syndikat
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Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft sidewalk marker


Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft deck prisms
Luxfer deck prisms
  • Berlin-Weißensee / Berlin-Weissensee


  • 1899 · Founded as a foreign branch of the Luxfer Prism Company
  • 1907? · ...became Deutsche Luxfer Prismen Gesellschaft when?...
  • 1909 Glaseisenbeton (Keppler-System) introduced
  • 1910 Pavilions at the Brussels World's Fair
  • 1913 Gold medal for pavilion at the Baufachausstellung in Leipzig (architect: Bruno Möhring)
  • 1914 Glasshaus, Bruno Taut's pavilion at the Werkund Ausstellung in Cologne (displaying all of Luxfer's products)
  • 1929 Glass ceiling in Otto Haesler's auditorium (Volksschule, Celle)
  • 1935 Modern glass block introduced


  • Founded 1899 as (a foreign branch of the Luxfer Prism Company)
  • Director: Friedrich Keppler (1862-1940), who emigrated to the US in 1888 and joined the American Luxfer Prism Syndicate.
  • Expanded product line with Glaseisenbeton (the Keppler System), heavy glass tiles joined up with thin reinforced concrete bars. The tiles were not prismatic.
  • Deutsche Luxfer's entire product line was on display in Bruno Taut's famous Glass Pavillion (Glashaus) at the Werkbund Ausstellung in Cologne in 1914.



  • See: Liese, Paul: Luxfer-Prismen
  • Paul Liese patents:
    • Number 283,882 for "Improvement in Composite Glass and Ferroconcrete Construction for Walls, Floors, Roofing and the Like" (Germany)
    • Number 289,696 for "Improvements in Glass Bricks for Walls, Floors, Pavement Lights and the Like" (Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany)