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1907 estimate to Messrs. A. E. Hughes & Son
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1907 estimate to Messrs. A. E. Hughes & Son from British Luxfer Prism Syndicate, Ltd

This estimate, dated 17th July, 1907, is to Messrs. A. E. Hughes & Son, address 28, Mortimer St., W. The estimaste was for New Burlington Street and was apparently performed by Mr Butt:


16 squares of Luxfer Fire Resisting Glass, Electro Copper Glazed, shaped at top, glazed ¼" clear plate for sides and ends of lantern light over Ground Floor, 10 each 2' 4¼" x 1' 11", six each 2' 6¾" x 1' 11", for the sum of fifteen pounds four shillings and ninepence . . . . . .

£15. 4. 9.

Two Luxfer Electro Copper Glazed Canopies glazed with Prisms to the correct angle, each 3' 4" x 4' 0", for the sum of thirteen pounds six shillings and eightpence . . . . . .

£13. 6. 8.

We find it impossible to glaze these windows vertically, we therefore quote for canopies, and are perfectly certain of good result.

[Signed] F. A. Vitale (Director)

The paper is thin, almost an onion skin, and translucent, so ink on the front is visible from the back, vice versa, making it a bit hard to read. The back side lists these GENERAL CONDITIONS:
  1. Deliveries may be suspended pending any contingencies beyond the control of the Vendors (such as Strikes, Lock-out, Fire, Accident, War, or the like), causing a short supply of power or raw material, or otherwise preventing the menufacture of the Article.
  2. Any deliveries so suspended may be claimed by the buyer at the same rate of delivery commencing after the period assigned to this Contract, if such claim be made within a month after such suspension.
  3. The failure of one delivery not to vitiate the Contract as to others.
  4. The Vendors are not to be responsible for any breakage.
  5. If the purchaser make default in any payment or become subject to the Bankrupt Law, the Vendors may at their option withhold further deliveries.
  6. Any disputes on the Contract to be settled by arbitration in the usual manner, for which purpose it may be made a Rule of Court.