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  • American Luxfer Prism Company collection [The Art Institute of Chicago / Ryerson & Burnham Archives]
  • "'The Century's Triumph in Lighting': The Luxfer Prism Companies and their Contribution to Early Modern Architecture" Dietrich Neumann, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, March 1995, Volume 54, No. 1
  • Sullivaniana Collection [The Art Institute of Chicago / Ryerson & Burnham Archives; microfilm, call number 724.81 S95c, American Luxfer Prism Co. (495); Luxfer Prism Co. (434, 485)]
  • YeloDog Chicago Architecture
  • J. F. G. "Toronto Banquet." The Ornamental Glass Bulletin, (Stained Glass) 6.7 (August 1912): 5.
    Annotation: Report of a banquet held at the Engineering Club, Toronto. Statement that Toronto is truly an Art Glass Centre. Present at the banquet were Mr. Hill of the Toronto Plate Glass Importing co., Mr. A. A. McKay of the Dominion Stained Glass Co., and Mr. Cowan of the Luxfer Prism Co.
  • Architecture Serials (Inland Architect and News Record L720.5 I56)
  • Norman Foote Marsh: "Upon leaving the university [in 1897] Mr. Marsh went to Chicago, Illinois, as lucical engineer for the American Luxfer Prism Company. He remained with the company for three years, representing them in various cities, including New York, Chicago and Philadelphia."
  • James William Withrow: "Dès 1899, il était revenu à Toronto et travaillait comme ingénieur-concepteur pour la Luxfer Prism Company Limited."