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Office 1129, Rookery Building (209 S. LaSalle St.), Chicago
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162 Fifth Avenue, New York; 17 Federal Street, Boston
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160 Fifth Avenue, New York; 346 Wabash Avenue, Chicago
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Home Office & Factory: 346-348 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Distributing Agencies
NEW YORK--160 Fifth Avenue.
CLEVELAND--1022 Garfield Bldg.
KANSAS CITY--243 N.Y. Life Bldg.
BOSTON--15 Federal St.
PITTSBURG--325 Fourth Avenue.
ST. LOUIS--327 Odd Fellows Bldg.
SAN FRANCISCO--121 New Mont-
gomery St.
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Heyworth Building, Chicago (Southwest corner Madison and Wabash)

Branch Offices
New York, 160 Fifth Ave.
Boston, 15 Federal St.
San Francisco, 121 New Montgomery St.
St. Louis, 327 Odd Fellows Bldg.
Cleveland, 1022 Garfield Bldg.
Baltimore, 505 American Bldg.
Kansas City, 948 N. Y. Life Bldg.
St. Paul, 627 Ryan Bldg.
Cincinnati, 424 Main St.
New Orleans, 904 Hennen Bldg.
Los Angeles, 603 South Spring St.
Milwaukee, 1112 Railway Exchange Bldg.
Washington, D. C., 520 Thirteenth St.
Indianapolis, 19 Pembroke Arcade.
Portland, Ore., 218 Front St.
Seattle, Wash., 313 Cordova St.
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Head Office: 29 East Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois
Factory: 37th and Morgan Streets, Chicago, Illinois

Branch Offices
Chicago, Heyworth Building
Boston, 49 Federal Street
Cleveland, 419-420 Citizens' Building
Dallas, Builders Exchange
Detroit, Builders Exchange
Duluth, 310 West Michigan Street
Kansas City, 909 New York Life Building
Los Angeles, 1835 South Main Street
Milwaukee, 1717 Wright Building
New Orleans, 904 Hennen Building
New York, 507 West Broadway
Philadelphia, 411 Walnut Street
Rochester, 38 Exchange Street
St. Paul, 365 University Avenue
San Francisco, 1202 Hearst Bldg.

40 Sheriff; Telephone Main 1319 [1899-1900 Cleveland City Directory]
G. A. Rutherford, Agt., 40 Sheriff; C 173; Bell Main 2773. [1900-01 CCD]
A. W. Gee, Mngr., 1022 Garfield Bldg; Tels. Cuy. Cent. 2011; Bell Main 571 [1905-06 CCD]
"corner of Elizabeth and Fulton Streets on Chicago's West Side"

Central Manufacturing District East (Luxfer)
35th St. to Pershing Rd.,
Morgan St. to Ashland Ave.

In 1905 the first American industrial park was established at this site by a group of investors headed by Fredrick H. Prince. By 1908 the 265 acres were serviced by individual switchtracks from the Chicago Junction Railways, and utilities, services, and street improvements were in place.

Companies that located here included William Wrigley, Jr., Co., Luxfer Prism Co., Westinghouse Electric, and Spiegel.