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MRVL Co Brochure · ca.1917
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This MRVL Co brochure was a gift from Bill Mullen, grandson of founder Leo Mullen.

Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Co Brochure · ca.1917 (front)
Kresge Building, Detroit, Mich.
Albert Kahn, Architect
James L. Stuart, Contractor

The above photograph is a good example of the excellent light procured where the MULLEN REPLACEABLE VAULT LIGHT is used. It is installed over restaurants, sales rooms, banking rooms, display counters and in one instance it furnishes the only light for tailors sewing at their benches directly beneath it.

Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Co Brochure · ca.1917 (back)
The above photograph of a slab of MULLEN REPLACEABLE VAULT LIGHTS containing four glass, one of which remains cast in the slab as originally installed. One has been broken out to show the spiral wire anchored in the concrete forming a thread. One shows a glass which has been replaced; note the white rim around it which is the waterproofing compound; also, note that the concrete is left neat and unbroken. A sectional view is shown of the glass in the immediate foreground showing how it is cast in the slab. The glass used in installing the MULLEN REPLACEABLE VAULT LIGHT is made exceptionally strong to offer the greatest resistance to breakage. It is perfectly transparent owing to its high quality, and admits the daylight so completely that by its use dark and useless basements have been turned into cheerful sunlit rooms that are often better lighted than those having window fronts on the street.