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Pittsburgh Daily Post · October 7, 1914
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Mullen Replaceable Vault Light ad in the Pittsburgh Daily Post, October 7, 1914


This Tells The Whole Story of
The Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Sidewalk.

When a glass light is broken, take it out and screw another in. That's all there is to it. No smashing of cement, no trouble, no bother. Takes but a few minutes. You always have LIGHT.
A Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Sidewalk costs less in UPKEEP than any other walk—the first cost is less than any other vault lighting sidewalk—it will outwear the building.
If you want to utilize your basement space—if you are building or contemplating repairing your sidewalk, you will be interested in this sidewalk.

Men Who Know Choose Mullen's

Write, Call or Telephone for particulars.

Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Company
Fulton Building Telephone Grant 2743 Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pittsburgh Daily Post, October 7, 1914