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Pittsburgh Daily Post · September 27, 1914
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Mullen Replaceable Vault Light ad in the Pittsburgh Daily Post, Sep 27, 1914
Property Owners Take Notice!
Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Sidewalks
Solve Three Building Problems

This new sidewalk is now being installed at the principal corner of this city. Inspect the work now being done for the Farmers Bank Building, corner Fifth Avenue and Wood Street.
Don't waste money chipping or repairing your old sidewalk when you can obtain the new Mullen Vault Light Sidewalk for little additional expense.
The Mullen Sidewalk is roughened to meet city requirements. Each glass light is set individually and, in case of breakage, can be taken out and replaced in 5 minutes. The lighting qualities are far superior to that of any other sidewalk. It will last a lifetime.

Builders Who Know Choose Mullen
The finest buildings in Pittsburgh use these lights. Compare the appearance of their sidewalks with others. Then call, write or telephone for particulars.

Mullen Replaceable Vault Light Co.
Fulton Building, Pittsburgh, Penna.

Pittsburgh Daily Post, September 27, 1914