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1908 T. A. Rodefer (National Glass Works) statement to Bellaire
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This statement to "City" (presumably Bellaire) for $3.00 has hard-to-decipher scribbles, can't make it out. Can you? What's it for? The cut is clear enough, though:

"T. A. RODEFER / National Glass Works / Manufacturer of Every Style of / Lime & Lead Lamp Chimneys / Lantern Globes / Blown & Pressed Specialties in Private Moulds / Opal Ware for Decorations / Battery Jars, Vault, Sky & Prismatic Window Light / Specialties in Opal, Crystal, Lead & Colores Glass / Private Mould Work Solicited".

T. A. Rodefer (National Glass Works) statement to Bellaire