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1934 Letter to Mr. Geo. S. Emery
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This letter to Mr. Geo. S. Emery (P. O. Box 1173, Tulsa, Oklahoma), dated October 26, 1934 reads:

We have your letter of October 24th. The only method we would have of producing these glass "checkers" would be from private mold equipment, which we would have to produce for you. The cost of this mold equipment would necessarily be born by you, which would probably mean that a considerable quantity of these "checkers" would be required to offset the cost of the mold equipment. We do not known of any other way of producing these "checkers". If you desire us to quote you a price on the production of mold equipment, we shall be glad to do so.

You might be able to find a source of supply for this item cut from plate glass and ground and polished. However this cost would be considerable compared with molded glass.

1934 letter to Mr. Geo. S. Emery from Rodefer Glass Company