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  • LOOKING AT BELLAIRE, "An Eagle Scout Project by Scout John Robinson - Troop 110", 1976 (archive.org)
    John had the following to say about Rodefer:
    • "In the early years it manufactured lantern globes, lightning rod balls, and vault lights"
    • "...operated on the same site, at 22nd and Union Street, longer than any other glass company in the history of the United States"
  • GLASS PIONEER - HOWARD RODEFER, excerpts from an article by Dorothy Rodefer in the 1986 Bellaire Glass Festival program.
  • "The Glass City", an article in The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Sept. 14, 1886 about "Wheeling's younger sister".
  • Biographical sketch of Albert D. Rodefer, "History of the Upper Ohio Valley", Vol. II, 1890.
  • Descendants of John Rodefer (1774-1859), by Barbara Blake Goddard
  • Biographical sketch of Rudolph W. Archer, "Men of Ohio":
    "...twenty-eight years with Rodefer Glass Company..."
  • Biographical sketch of Hanson E. Waddell, "History of the Upper Ohio Valley", Vol. I, page 465, 1890:
    "...traveled for two years for Rodefer Bros..."
  • Belmont County, Ohio Recorded Plats, whence the map came.
  • Gas Station Collectibles Glossary: "Rodefer-Gleason Glass Co. - Early manufacturer of glass gas pump globes, headquartered in Bellaire, Ohio. They had one of the largest hand-made OEM glass facilities, specializing in opalite (or carrera) glass; they also were the sole manufacturers of the old round dental trays and cuspidors."
  • Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation trusteed plan info for Rodefer-Gleason Glass Co.