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1937 Internal Memorandum
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This memorandum dated September 10, 1937 is regarding drinking on the premises:

The following NOTICE was posted in our plant on September 2nd. We are sending this copy of the notice so that each and every employee of The Rodefer Glass Company may have full knowledge of what has been done. The fact that you receive a copy of this notice does not necessarily mean that we are assuming that you personally violated the rule. If you have violated the rule - you know it. Please be governed accordingly.


To all the employees of The Rodefer Glass Company:

  1. We are posting this notice with the full knowledge of Mr. Fred Kuntz, President of Local No. 34, and Mr. George Kuntz, President of branch No. 558, Both A. F. G. W. U.
  2. For times longer than we can remember there has been a rigid rule in this plant that no one is to have possession of or bring liquor upon the premises.
  3. The same rule applies to people in our employ who attempt to come to work under the influence of liquor - in any degree.
  4. It has come to the attention of the officers of this company that in recent weeks the provisions of these rules have been violated more than once. This is to notify each and every one of you that further violation of these rules, if detected, will be sufficient reason for immediate and permanent dismissal from our employment.
Yours for the benefit of safety, good management, sobriety and for the prevention of accidents.


Rodefer Glass Company: 1937 internal memorandum regarding drinking on company premises