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1938 Internal Memorandum
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This memorandum dated June 23, 1938 is regarding failure to file tax forms, most exciting.
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1938 Rodefer Glass Company internal memorandumOn June 22, 1938, Mr. F. W. Schumacher, Deputy Collector of the Internal Revenue Department, Cleveland, Ohio, called in our office in the afternoon regarding failure to file Forms SS-1, SS-2, and SS-2A Social Security forms for 1937 and 1938.

Miss Weyrick was ill and not on duty at the time; also C. M. Rodefer was ill -- consequently, H. H. Rodefer took care of the matter.

Forms SS-1 for January, February, March, April, and May, 1937, were filed on June 30, 1937, per our letter attached, and payment by our check No 16262 in the amount of $405.47 was made on that date. On July 13, 1937, form SS-1 for June 1937 was filed, and the amount of $71.92 was mailed to Cleveland and receipted as of July 15th by the Internal Revenue Department.

Forms SS-2 and SS-2A for this same period had not been filed due to the fact that individual postings of employees had not been posted until the beginning of the year 1938. This posting was done by Miss Fehrenbach from the Payroll book. At the close of the postings for 1937, the posting in the Kardex individual record checked with the payroll book as far as deductions were concerned. Further check had not been made at the time of this memorandum.

Aggregate of forms SS-2 amounted to $44,981.58, whereas aggregate of forms SS-1, filed June 30, July 13, 1937, and June 23, 1938, amounted to $44,990.34. Forms SS-2 for the year exceeded the forms SS-2A for individuals for the year by $8.76. In order to prove this and discover this difference for filing purposes, continuation of the "Pointing Division" from January to May and June was being made by Miss Fehrenbach, so that the forms SS-2 and SS-2A would correspond.

Payment of July, August, September, October, November, and December, 1937, SS-1 forms by F.& M. check No. 9543, in the amount of $441.43, under date of July 22, 1938, was given to Mr. Schumacher, together with the proper SS-1 forms, signed by H.H.R. as secretary.

Forms SS-1 for the quarter ending April 2, 1938, was also filed with Mr. Schumacher on June 22, 1938, and F. & M. check No. 9544, in the amount of $314.19, was also handed to Mr. Schumacher at this time.

Affidavit on Internal Revenue form was made out by Mr. Schumacher and signed by H. H. R. as to the cause of delay, which was due to C. M. Rodefer's illness. Our letter of June 23rd, 1938, attached to the original forms and duly copied, accompanied this affidavit and these forms, both for the last six months, 1937, and the first quarter of 1938.

Forms SS-2 for the first half of 1937 and the second half of 1937 were signed on June 22nd by Mr. Schumacher and left with the forms SS-2A for mailing to the Internal Revenue Department promptly hereafter, with the understanding that forms