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An Improved Vault Light
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Prism Paper
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    According to the improvement shown in the illustration, the framing or body of the vault light is composed of channel and angle irons, braced at special points by T, I, or angle irons, and the construction is such that the lights may be arranged in any desired order, each light being firmly held in position by one of the channel irons, and the spaces between the lights being easily filled with cement or other suitable material. A patent has been granted for this invention to Mr. George B. Clopp, of N. 3028 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Clopp's Vault Light

bolts to form a rigid structure, and the connected irons are surrounded at the sides and ends by a frame of angle irons, whose vertical members are bolted to the marginal portions of the connected channel irons. The entire frame is braced and strengthened by another set of angle irons, and the frame and body are strengthened by the T irons, which support the bottom portions of the channel irons, and are connected with the outer angle irons by brackets. This light is quickly and economically made, as all of its parts are stock material, so that it may be readily connected and built up for any situation where a vault light is desired.