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B, embedded therein, and the effect of the mirrored surface upon a ray of light striking the block at an angle. Such blocks may be of any size and shape, and set in the frames of skylights, vault-covers, in the walls of buildings, or sides of ships, as may be found advisable.
    Fig. 2 shows the block B, provided with rounded ends a a', which collect and disperse the light, as shown by dotted lines, a metal sleeve, b, having a polished inner surface, surrounding the block and constituting the speculum; or the inner edge of the opening in the frame may be silvered to form the reflecting-surface.
    Fig. 3 is a section through a plate or frame, showing blocks B, with their lower ends enlarged and bulged, forming flanges e, which meet each other so as to cover the whole face of the plate, the ends of the blocks being in some cases round and in others pyramidal.
    Fig. 4 is an inverted plan of Fig. 3.
    Fig. 5 is a view showing a block the stem of which swells gradually toward the edge of the lower flange and is silvered, thereby presenting a portion of the silvered surface toward the lower face of the block. When a series of such studs are combined and the flanges extended to meet each other the silvered surface completely hides the frame.
    Fig. 6 shows the block with the upper end, a, enlarged to make a shoulder, x, below which a ring, d, of lead or other soft material, is shrunk, forming a tight packing between the shoulder and the plate or frame A, thereby securing the stud in place and excluding moisture. As the end or head a of the stud overlies the packing, a most effective joint is thus produced, while the receiving end is not covered to obstruct the light. I may, if desired, place a rubber sleeve upon the stem of the stud, and thus pack the joint between the same and the frame. This construction affords special facilities in securing and removing the studs, permitting changes to be made from time to time with little trouble and at little expense. This is specially applicable in the manufacture of illuminated signs, as shown in Fig. 7, where the plate A, of cast-iron or other material, has numerous openings to receive the studs, which are disposed in one color-- say red-- so as to form the requisite device, the remaining openings being plugged up or filled with opaque studs or those of a different color-- say white.
    Fig. 8 shows the studs provided with grooves in which to insert rubber rings d', that hold the studs in place. This construction is specially adapted for securing the studs to a support consisting of leather or other flexible fabric, so as to constitute illuminated hangings or curtains suitable for lambrequins, screens, and many other useful and ornamental purposes, the face of the curtain being painted, embossed, or embroidered, if necessary, and a fringe may be formed of colored glass links connected together by wires, clamps, or otherwise, as described in a separate application for Letters Patent. The studs may be of different shapes, as shown, as may also the expanded light-dispersing ends.
    I claim as my invention--
    1. In articles constructed for illuminating purposes by the transmission of light through blocks or studs set in opaque supports or frames, a reflective surface around the stem of the stud at the parts not exposed directly to the light, substantially as set forth.
    2. The studs having the shanks curved outward to meet the enlarged ends, and provided with a reflecting-surface around the shank, as specified.
    3. The combination, with the frame, of a series of studs set therein, and each enlarged at the end to form a flange, shaped as specified, to meet those of the other studs and cover the entire face of the frame, substantially as described.
    4. The combination of a frame having a series of openings, a series of studs adapted thereto, and provided each with a head at one end and shoulder x at the other beyond the face of the frame, and a washer contracted between said shoulder and the frame and securing the stud detachably, substantially as set forth.
    5. The combination, with a flexible continuous pliable non-transparent curtain or sheet, of transparent or translucent studs secured in openings in said sheet, substantially as set forth.
    In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.