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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 347,113, dated August 10, 1886.
Application filed April 6, 1886. Serial No. 198,021. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern:
    Be it known that we, CHARLES KAISER and JOHN B. ADT, both of the city of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have invented certain Improvements in Light-Deflectors for Illuminating Cellars, &c., of which the following is a specification.
    This invention relates to certain improvements in that class of light-deflectors in which a series of prismatic blocks of glass are secured in a suitable frame, and the whole placed in such position that exterior light is deflected to the cellar or other apartment to be lighted.
    The said invention consists in a peculiar construction of the said prismatic blocks and the supporting-frame, whereby the former can be easily and readily attached to the latter, as will hereinafter fully appear.
    In the drawings forming a part hereof, Figure I is a sectional elevation of a part of a building provided with our improved light-deflector. Figs. II and III are views on an enlarged scale of the deflector, the former being a section of that device, and the latter a front view of the same.
    In the said drawings, A is the cellar to be lighted, and B the area through which light is admitted.
    The deflector consists of an open frame-work, C, which may be in sections attached together in any suitable manner, or in one piece, as desired.
    D D are prismatic blocks of glass, each one of which is provided with a hook, a, by means of which it is attached to the frame-work C. These hooks a are inserted in slots b, in the body of the frame, and the deflecting-faces of the blocks rest on the said body.
    The deflector is placed in the area B, or in some other place which will admit of the rays of light from the exterior of the building being deflected to the apartment to be lighted. The direction of the light-rays is indicated by the dotted lines.
    We claim as our invention--
    A light-deflector composed of prismatic blocks of glass secured within a frame, the said blocks being provided with hooks, and the said frame with slots to receive the said hooks, substantially as specified.
    WM. T. HOWARD,