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D742 · Christy · "Improved Coal Plate" · Drawing
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No. 742 · Improved Coal Plate · D IIa
Registered by John Fell Christy & Compy.
of Stangate Glass Works, New Palace Road, Lambeth

July, 1841

John Fell Christy's Improved Coal Plate of 1841

Office of Registry of Designs,
Wellington Street North, Strand,
London, 6th July, 1841.

I HEREBY CERTIFY that Design No. 742 of which this is a copy was registered this sixth day of July at the hour of two in the afternoon for Messr John Fell Christy & Cº of New Palace Rd, Lambeth, Proprietors thereof, in pursuance of the Designs Copyright Act, 2 Vic. c. 17.
J. C. Robertson
Registration Agent
166 Fleet Street
John Fell Christy's Improved Coal Plate of 1841