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Location: St. Helens, Lancashire

Pilkington's products are numerous, but they are included here because of two: prismatic rolled glass (refrax) and Armourlight toughened glass insulators.

Patent Prismatic Rolled Glass (refrax) <q>Armourlight</q> toughened glass insulators Pilkington Founders
Patent Prismatic Rolled Glass (refrax)
Science Museum Group Collection Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license
toughened glass insulators
The Founders
Mr. Richard Pilkington
Mr. William Pilkington


The company was founded in 1826 as a partnership between members of the Pilkington and Greenall families, based in St Helens, Lancashire. The venture used the trading name of St Helens Crown Glass Company. On the departure from the partnership of the last Greenall in 1845, the firm became known as Pilkington Brothers. In 1894, the business was incorporated under the Companies Act 1862 as Pilkington Brothers Limited.Wikipedia

Pilkington's history has been extensively documented so I won't do it again here. See:

Pilkington Coat of Arms
Pilkington Brothers trademark

Pilkington Brothers trademark
Coat of Arms: The Pilkington arms consist of an argent cross patonce voided gules. The Pilkington crest has a mower with his scythe and has a legend that an ancestor of the family, being sought at the time of the Norman Conquest, disguised himself as a mower and escaped. —Wikipedia

Motto: Now Thus, Now Thus: The surname Pilkington was first found in Lancashire at Pilkington, a township in the parish of Prestwich-cum-Oldham, hundred of Salford. This distinguished Saxon family held a family seat in Lancashire since before the Norman invasion, traditionally escaping after the Battle of Hastings by posing as a thresher and hiding in a barn under hay and the flail hit first on one side and then the other, hence their motto 'Now thus, now thus' and the Family Crest of a mower.House of Names, which cites Mark Anthony Lowe's 1860 Patronymica Britannica, A Dictionary of Family Names of the United Kingdom.

More images from Now Thus—Now Thus:

St. Helens, 1834 St. Helens, 1834 Old casting hall, Ravenhead
The Pilkington Picture St. Helens, 1834 Old Casting Hall, Ravenhead
Plan of the St. Helens Crown Sheet & Plate Glass Works, Feb. 1848 The old first house Sheet Works, Cowley Hill Works, Ravenhead Works · St. Helens Visit of the King and Queen, 1913
Plan of Works, 1848 The Old First House Sheet Works
Cowley Hill Works
Ravenhead Works
St. Helens
Visit of the King and Queen, 1913
His Majesty Starting Up the New Turbine

Advertising (see Grace's Guide for more):

1905 Architectural Review 1955 Técnica A30 N256 P2
1905 · Architectural Review 1955 · Técnica A30 N256 P2




British Glass "Now Thus—Now Thus" "Armourlight" Toughened Glass Insulators
British Glass
Pilkington Brothers Ltd
St. Helens and Doncaster GB, ca.1923, 60p
Canadian Centre for Architecture
via The Internet Archive
~259MB: pdf
Now Thus—Now Thus
Pilkington Brothers Ltd
St. Helens GB, 1926, 94p
JPG ~116MB: tar zip pdf
Armourlight Toughened Glass Insulators
Pilkington Brothers Ltd
St. Helens GB, 1953, 82p
JPG ~100MB: tar zip pdf
PNG ~636MB: tar zip pdf
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