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Prism Glass
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Pressed Prism Tiles for Storefronts
Pressed Prism Tiles for Store Fronts
Beauty and utility are attained through the use of prism tiles in store-front construction. The tiles are set in hard metal, either zinc finish or copper-plated, with ornamental tiles to enrich the decorative effect if desired and sufficiently reinforced with steel bars to make them solid and rigid. Pivot ventilators can be inserted in the prism tile construction. These ventilators (as shown in the illustration below) are mounted in steel standards, and may be equipped with screens for protection when open. Two examples of ornamental border tiles also are shown below.

in metal, plain or copper-plated, may be obtained and used with very artistic and satisfactory results. Prism glass may be set also in solid copper bars if desired. Pivot ventilators are mounted in steel standards and may be equipped with screens. Fancy border tiles used with this form of glazing make it highly decorative, in a style dignified and quiet and one that presents a distinctly artistic appearance.


Sidewalk Slabs which carry glass set in reinfoced concrete panels, are the established means for lighting vaults, cellars, and dark basements in cities. The glass is either square or circular, and is imbedded in concrete reinforced with steel bars. The construction has been improved by long years of stufy of what has best endured traffic in the busiest places in the world. The panels can be made to any desired dimentions.


To meet various conditions, Sidewalk Glass Lenses are made in a number of different forms which have been found best suited to their particular purposes. They may be had in flat pressed units, or in drop lenses, and these types again are supplied either in single prism or in multiple prism.

Border Tile Prism Tile Construction Border Tile
Border Tile Prism Tile Construction Border Tile