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Art and Ornamental Glass
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Aristo Prism Glass

ARISTO Prism Glass is a practical, modern article of utility for enhancing refraction.

It does not make light, but diffuses it, spreading divergent rays from the exterior, to illumine otherwise dark interiors without the use and accompanying expense of artificial lighting methods.

Considering beneficial results, this glass is not expensive.

It is now acknowledged that basements, storerooms, offices, etc., lighted by the use of prism glass are more eagerly sought by tenants, and command higher rentals, than the same character of places where prism glass is not installed.

This is strongly proven by instances of merchants who have enjoyed the effects of prism glass, insisting on its use in buildings which they may afterward

Basements not used at all, on account of darkness, may be made a source of income by placing prism glass in the openings where ordinary glass has been used.

Wherever possible, skylights—especially interior skylights—should be of prism glass.

Our Aristo Prisms are the latest improved, and come to you in 4-inch or 5-inch squares, already to be placed in the sash or opening; also for special orders we can furnish geometric shapes, or almost any odd designs.

Our Aristo Sheet Prism Glass is cheaper and, being our own product, we can guarantee it to be of superior quality, unsurpassed.

Always specify Aristo make when ordering.

We are at all times much pleased to furnish information and prices promptly. Write to us.

See page 101, Figure 4, for increasing light over plain glass