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Illustrated Catalogue · Page 93
Page 93
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Illustrated Catalogue, 1887 · Page 93

For Areas, Skylights, Roofs, Floors, Sidewalks, Etc.
Roof Lights
Patent Concrete Tile
For Sidewalks and Areas.
Lenses, 78 inch thick, 2 inches diameter.
Sole Licensees and Manufacturers for the States of Missouri,
Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska, of the Celebrated
Patent Concrete Illuminating Tiles.
As sole Licensees of the various kinds of the Celebrated Patent Concrete Illuminating Tile, we take pleasure in calling attention to its merits over all other makes, for its smooth, non-slippery surface, superior illuminating qualities, cleanliness and beauty of appearance, superior strength, durability, etc.
It is preferred to any other kind wherever it has been introduced.
Prices and estimates furnished on application.
All orders will receive prompt attention.
Detachable Ring Concrete
Illuminating Tile.
Detachable Ring Concrete Illuminating Tile
A.—The Iron Tile. B.—The Detachable Ring. C.—The Concrete. D.—The Glass Lens. E.—The Plastic Filling.
Lens 78 inch thick, 2 inches diameter.
The Glass is set with Brimstone or other Plastic Cement into a brass or copper ring, after which the glasses and rings are inserted into the Concrete Tile. This method, covered by Patent, protects the glasses against action of the weather, effectively preventing them from chipping or breaking from natural causes.
Concrete Illuminating Tiles