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Tice & Jacobs Illustrated Catalog
Illustrated Catalogue of
Vault Lights

New York, ca.1890, 44p
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Location: New York:

  • 1850: 46 Avenue A
  • 1859: 414 Grand and 1 Avenue C
  • 1880: U. S. Census records "Tice & Jacobs, Vault Lights"
  • 1883: Office: 67 Centre Street
  • 1883: Manufactory: 71 Centre Street
  • 1885: 57 Duane
  • 1899: 510 Pearl Street
  • Unknown date: W. E. Lyon 202 E 46 St.
  • 1907: George W. Tice, RIP


  • ?-1880-1899-?


Tice & Jacobs ad Tice & Jacobs vault cover Tice & Jacobs vault cover Tice & Jacobs vault light company ad from Real estate record and builders' guide, 1896 [Columbia University]


  • From Daniel F. Kelleher Co. Sale 610, lot 804: "Boyd's City Despatch, Paid, 1 Park Place, N.Y.", 4/18/82 magenta company oval handstamp ties 20L56 local on cover, Fine-V.F., printed Tice & Jacobs CC, extremely attractive & V.F. cover. [price? $100 USD]
  • From Designs Underfoot (Diana Stuart):
    • "In 1850 Alfred Tice produced hardware at 46 Avenue A. In 1859 William H. Tice and Brother were domestic hardware and commission merchants at 414 Grand and 1 Avenue C. Tice and Burrows also produced vault plates."
    • "In 1885 Tice & Jacobs produced vault lights at 67 Centre and 57 Duane."
  • "Once Prosperous Business Man Feared to Face Poverty.
    PLAINFIELD, Oct 5.—Made desperate by the prospect of poverty after years of prosperity, George W. Tice, a resident of Westfield, and formerly a New York business man, committed suicide at his home last night by inhaling gas. His body was discovered in the bathroom by his wife, and it was a first given out that heart disease was the cause of death.
    Mr. Tice was formerly head of the manufacturing firm of Tice & Jacobs, Water Street, New York, and his fortune at one time was estimated at $100,000. Business reverses came, and a few months ago it became necessary for Mr. Tice to get employment as a clerk. He is survived by a window and nine children." —New York Times, Oct 6, 1907
1899 invoice from Tice & Jacobs
I bought this invoice on eBay, but the seller's house burned before it was mailed, so now it's gone. This is the original photo from the auction, used with permission.