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Timms, Cress & Co.
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Cress & Co. Sidewalk marker
Sidewalk Marker (REDIMADE)

Timms, Cress & Co. postal cover to United Railway, 1914
Postal cover · United Railway · 1914


  • Portland, OR
    • 96 Front St. (when?)
    • 184-186 2nd St. (1915)
    • 184 2nd St. (1920)


  • 1895 · founded by Harry Cress and Mr. Timms
  • 1933 · Harry's son Warren joins the company after graduating from the University of Oregon
  • 1972 · Warren's son Scott joins the company
  • 1975 · Scott becomes President
  • 1997 · Scott's daughter Kelly Cress joins the company
  • Still operating as W. H. Cress Company


  • "In 1895, Portland, Oregon was a fast-growing port town with a booming commercial industry and a population that had grown from 17,500 to over 100,000 in just 15 years. Mr. Harry Cress and his friend Mr. Timms looked at the still-growing town, and saw an opportunity. More and more buildings were being built every day to accommodate the growth, and paint was in short supply. Cress and Timms launched ''Timms, Cress, & Co.'' that year; providing paint and paint supplies to meet Portland's construction needs." —History of W. H. Cress
Timms, Cress & Co storefront Timms, Cress & Co storefront
Timms, Cress & Co. storefront · History of W. H. Cress