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"This company manufactures pressed tableware, lead-blown stem ware, lead-blown tumblers, show jars, soda-fountain supplies, decorated ware (gold-etched, enameled, engraved and sand-blast), lamps, pressed stem-ware, pressed tumblers, pressed beer-mugs, confection-ware, novelties, private mold-work, photographers' goods, pavement lights, prism window-lights, wine sets, fancy-cut goods and other articles in glass." —The Story of Pittsburgh and Vicinity, [Pittsburgh] : The Pittsburgh Gazette Times, 1908; pp. 358-359.


  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • General office and salesrooms, Ninth and Bingham Streets, Southside, Pittsburgh
  • Factories in Pittsburgh and Glassport, Pennsylvania, Gas City, Indiana, and Tiffin, Ohio


  • 1891 Founded Tiffin, Ohio
  • 1908 "...capital of $3,200,000 and operating eleven finely equipped plants..."


  • Subsidiary companies: Columbia Class Co., Gillinger & Sons, O'Hara Glass Co., and Ripley & Co.
  • President, D. C. Ripley; Vice President, H. D. W. English; Secretary and Treasurer, W. C. King; Manufacturing Manager, William M. Anderson; Commercial Manager, M. G. Bryce. [1908]
  • See this Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh article
  • Original citation: "From The Story of Pittsburgh and Vicinity, [Pittsburgh] : The Pittsburgh Gazette Times, 1908; pp. 358-359."



  • None.