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Historic Prism Glass Companies of Canada
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  • E. Chanteloup, Montréal [?-1878-1890s-?]
  • Dominion Glass Company [1913-?]
    • Merger of Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton Glass Works, Nova Scotia Glass Company of Trenton, Nova Scotia, Lamont Glass Company, and Diamond Flint Glass Company. See this insulator-oriented history by Steve Goodell.
    • "Dominion Glass Company 1926 catalogue listed the following industrial items: fire extinguishers, battery jars, lightning rod balls, fishing floats, stove door plates, headlight lenses, dental cuspidor bowls, prisms, vault lights, and insulators." [Canadian Museum of Civilization]
  • Hobbs Manufacturing Co., Ltd., London, Ontario
  • Luxfer Prism Company of Toronto, Toronto [?-1897-1911-?]
  • Prismatic Glass Company of Toronto, Ltd., Toronto [1895-1896-?]
    • The Prismatic Glass Company of Toronto (Limited), Nov. 28th, 1895, capital $5,000" —Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Volume 10
    • Pennycuick, James H., assignor to Prismatic Glass Company of Toronto, Limited, Toronto, Canada, Vault-light; No. 35,573, June 2, 1896, official gazette vol. 75, page 1538. Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office, Volume 75
    • "1895 - Pennycuick moves to Toronto, Canada, and enters into a partnership with Thomas W. Horn, a Canadian businessman. In February 1896, Horn founds the Prismatic Glass Company of Toronto to produce Pennycuick's tiles" —Luxfer Company History
    • "Pennycuick's patent was owned by the Prismatic Glass Company, NH, from 1887 to 1889, by the Alpha Glass and Metal Company, NJ, from 1889 to 1890, by a number of individual businessmen and finally by Thomas W. Horn who founded the Prismatic Glass Company of Toronto in 1896 and eventually became one of the cofounders of the Luxfer Prism Company of Chicago..." —Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation, 2014
    • "James G. Pennycuick, vice-president and general superintendent of the Prismatic Glass Company, of Toronto, Ont., has located in Chicago with headquarters at 170 Lake Street, where samples of the prismatic glass are being shown to the trade. The glass is smooth on its outer surface, but has semi-prisms on its inner surface. A cross-section would look like the teeth of a saw. The glass polarizes the sun's rays and diffuses a white light, making it very servicable for dark rooms and basements. It also destroys the glare of the sun. One of Chicago's new skyscrapers is to be fitted up with the prismatic glass." —Paint, Oil and Drug Review, Volume 22, D. Van Ness Publishing Company, 1896