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Neon Insulators
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Pretty Red Bar
Pretty Red Bar
Ferrule Type Housing

Panel opening 15/16"
Inside diameter at open end 15/16"
Inside depth 3¼"
Overall length including bolt 43/8"
Length measured from shoulder 37/8"

Heavy cadmium plated ferrule
Phosphor bronze contact spring

Patent No. 2046960
Approved by Underwriters

Standard package quantity 50 pcs.
Shipping weight per carton 10½ lbs.
Pyrex Neon Insulator No. 69357

This small "Pyrex" housing is the first housing ever approved by the Underwriters for use on interior lighting installations. Designed to conform with requirements of the National Electric Code, it insures approval on interior neon lighting jobs.
A new and profitable field is therefore opened up to sign men everywhere. You can now be sure of the same dependable service indoors that you get from "Pyrex" housings, both large and small, in outdoor use.
    Modern lighting, like modern cars, must be attractive as well as efficient. Likewise, housings for interior lighting must be small and inconspicuous as well as safe. All of these requirements are met in this new "Pyrex" housing.
    Clear, transparent, "Pyrex" brand glass with its clean, hard surface is particularly well adapted for neon insulators, especially those items which are used on work where appearance is of vital importance. "Pyrex" housings will not only give you a better job but a better looking job as well. Don't be satisfied with ordinary insulators-- use the best.

Attractive Blends well with any color--
No painting or matching required.