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Neon Insulators
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Pyrex Neon Insulator No. 69096

This unique "Pyrex" bushing snaps into place-- from front of sign-- with so little effort that it can almost be said to install itself. There are no springs, collars or bolts to fasten in the rear-- simply push it in and it's there to stay. Installation costs are cut to the minimum.
Pretty Red Bar
Pyrex Neon
Pretty Red Bar
Snap-in Type Bushing

Panel opening 1½"
Inside diameter 1"
Overall length 1"
Length measured from shoulder 9/16"

Phosphor bronze spring clips and wire
Patent No. 2206913
Standard package quantity 100 pcs.
Shipping weight per carton 9½ lbs.
    The bushing consists of a small "Pyrex" insulator, two phosphor bronze clips and a phosphor bronze spring wire. This exclusive assembly, although very simple, provides adequate support to hold the bushing firmly in place.
    Since this "Pyrex" snap-in bushing was made available in 1937, it has won many enthusiastic friends among sign men in all localities where bushings are preferred.
    "Pyrex" brand glass, because of its absolute freedom from moisture absorption, is unsurpassed as an insulating material on neon signs. Why not use the best when it can be obtained at such low cost?     Obtain a supply of "Pyrex" bushings from your dealer without delay.

PYREX T.M. REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. Moisture Proof Homogeneous--Non-Crystalline--
No glaze to crack or chip.