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Neon Insulators
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Pretty Red Bar
Pretty Red Bar
Elevation Posts


Adjusts four ways even after installation
No. 69523-- Elevation 13/8 to 2½"
No. 69524-- Elevation 23/8 to 3½"

Brass clip and pin
Patent pending
Standard package quantity 500 pcs.
Shipping weight per carton 14 lbs.
Pyrex Neon Elevation Posts Nos. 69523 and 69524

The new "Pyrex" elevation post has been designed to give every necessary adjustment without sacrificing other important features such as strength, durability, insulation and good appearance.
You will be amazed at the speed and ease of obtaining perfect alignment to allow for a weld or sealing tip. Bent posts are no longer necessary and the possibility of strained or broken tubing units, sagging borders and other similar troubles is greatly reduced.
    The short post extends to 2½" or can be shortened to 13/8, and even less when required, by simply cutting the glass and the brass pin. The long post with the long brass pin produces a maximum height of 3½" at only a slightly higher price. The accurately formed loop on the brass pin holds the screw in place during installation.
    Made from the well-known "Pyrex" brand glass, this new support offers you advantages not found in any other type, and at no increase in cost. A sign, fully equipped with "Pyrex" insulators, is a sign built and sold with confidence.

Transparent Permits visual inspection--
Assures uniform quality throughout.