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Radio Insulators²
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Pyrex Radio Insulators
Catalina Island Line, Wilmington, Cal.

    "This company owns and operates its own radio system comprising radio telephone equipment aboard nine tugs operating in and around the vicinity of Los Angeles harbor, also the radio equipment aboard the Steamers Catalina, Avalon and Carbillo, carrying passengers between Wilmington and Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.
    "The insulators used are the regular 6-in. PYREX Type, with the exception of steamers Catalina and Avalon, where 12-in. type is in use. PYREX Stand-Off Insulators are used also on our tug-boat and steamer radio antenna systems.
    "PYREX Insulators have always given 100 per cent service although as you know, short-wave radio-telephony aboard small craft is somewhat difficult." -- R. D. Lemert, Radio Eng.

Broadcasting Station WDRC, New Haven, Conn.

    "We are using PYREX Antenna insulators on our transmitting antenna and have found them in every way satisfactory.
    "When our antenna was originally constructed the top mast came down in a heavy gale, due to temporary guying, and bent it almost beyond recognition. The antenna came down with it, the total fall being 110 feet. Not one of the six PYREX Insulators at the high end of the antenna was broken." -- J. D. Cole, Operator.

Broadcasting Station WAAT, Jersey City, N. J.

    "We have been using PYREX Insulators for about sixteen months and find them entirely satisfactory. Our antenna system is insulated with two of your 30-in. insulators, the counterpoise with four of the 12-in. insulators, and in addition we use small PYREX insulators for receiving antennas, two entering insulators and two stand-off insulators.
    "Replacement of conventional porcelain insulators with PYREX insulation increased our antenna current in damp weather. PYREX insulators are certainly the most satisfactory for their uses." -- Dramin Daniel Jones, Engineer.

Broadcasting Station WFBM, Indianapolis, Ind.

    "We are using approximately thirty 8-in. PYREX Stand-Off Insulators, and approximately twenty 3-in. PYREX Stand-Off Insulators in our transmitting equipment. They are for the most part used in the oscillating circuits, subjected to a voltage of 10,000 volts. We are thoroughly satisfied with the way they function both electrically and mechanically." -- Leonard T. Carlson, Engineer.