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Radio Insulators²
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Pyrex Radio Insulators
Section view showing Pyrex Navy Type Strain Insulator construction
Heavy strain distributed through 2 or 3 Pyrex Navy Type Strain Insulators

To distribute heavy strain equally through two or three of these insulators they may be installed between plates as shown.

At left. The construction which prevents PYREX Navy Type Strain Insulators from pulling apart under tension.
No 67009 67037
Navy Type SE-1846 SE-2202
Weight 1 lb. 11 oz. 2 lb.
Height overall 4 3/8 in. 4 3/8 in.
Outside diam. at base 6 1/16 in. 6 15/16 in.
Price, each $1.50 $1.50
Type SE-2202 can be furnished with three types of brass fittings and aluminum shield as shown herewith.
Pyrex Entering Insulator - Navy Type

Pyrex Entering Insulator - Navy Type A--No. 67070 Pyrex Entering Insulator - Navy Type B--No. 67071 Pyrex Entering Insulator - Navy Type C--No. 67076
Type A--No. 67070 Type B--No. 67071 Type C--No. 67076
$15.00 $16.50 $16.50
Average flashover value--Type A--(Kv.), Wet, 27.5; Dry, 43.

    All types have flanges 8¼-in. diam. with six ½-in. studs equidistantly spaced on 7 3/8-in. bolt circle, and are approximately 6 in. high from bottom of lower flange to top of center pin. Center pin is 3/8-in. diam., with 16 threads per in. at the ends.
    Type A has studs 2 7/16-in. long and 8½-in. center pin.
    Type B has studs 1 7/16-in. long, 11½-in. center pin and in the bottom flange three equidistantly spaced countersunk 11/32-in. holes on 7 7/8-in. center circle.
    Type C is like Type A except that two 3/8-in. jamb nuts for the center pin and two ½-in. nuts for each stud are furnished and the center pin is 11½-in. long.