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Radio Insulators²
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Pyrex Radio Insulators
    PYREX Insulators have played their part in many other spectacular example of extreme service. The United States Coast Guard depends upon them on all its radio communication systems for coastal operations. The Atlantic Ice Patrol sends warnings of icebergs to the trans-atlantic ships over antennae equipped with PYREX Radio Insulators. The United States Army Signal Corps, the Navy, the Lighthouse Service, and the Air Mail all specify and use large quantities of PYREX Insulators.
    But these extremes of hard usage are by no means the only important services that PYREX Insulators have performed. A recent query has developed the fact that over 300 broadcasting stations are equipped with PYREX Radio Insulators. Such service is further proof of their worth.
    Constant, dependable transmission from antennae, sometimes enveloped in fumes and soot, and frequently subjected to storms and gales, is a definite need of commercial broadcast stations, whether engaged in message transmission and reception, or the broadcasting of local or chain entertainment and advertising programs.
    The opinions that some of them have formed of PYREX Radio Insulators are stated in abstracts from their letters, which appear in these pages. Our files contain equally strong endorsements from at least a hundred other prominent broadcasting stations.
    On pages 12 to 18 are listed and illustrated the PYREX Insulators that have made these extraordinary records. On your own equipment they will produce the same service improvements. Your jobber can supply you with all, save the least frequently used types, which can be obtained directly from us.

    "In our station W2XV we have continuously used both your PYREX Antenna Insulators and PYREX Entering Insulators throughout our whole antenna system.
    "These PYREX Insulators have never given us one moment's trouble in all their service. Their ruggedness and insulating qualities are supreme.
    "Whenever we have an antenna installation to make, we always advise the use of PYREX Insulators."-- Frank A. Gunther, Radio Engineering Laboratories, Long Island City, N. Y.