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Permanent Insulating Qualities!
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Insulating Qualities!
UNAFFECTED by smoke, salt fogs and fumes, constant in their electrical and physical characteristics, *PYREX Radio Insulators give permanent insulation for all radio work. They represent the true fusion of materials resulting in a homogeneous, non-porous insulator, uniform throughout its structure -- high in dielectric strength -- low in power loss.
    Dust and Dirt cannot accumulate on their original diamond hard
and super-smooth surface. There is no "glaze" to check or crack.
    Made in several styles and in various sizes: antenna, lead-in, stand-off, bus-bars, inductance shapes, bushings, rods and cylinders.
    A treatise on the unique chemical, physical and electrical properties of the special glasses from which these high-test insulators are made will be sent on request. Write for "PYREX Industrial Glass Products."
C o r n i n g    G l a s s    W o r k s
Industrial and Laboratory Division, Dept. Q-3
* Trade-mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.

QST, October 1928