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The First Radio Message from the South Pole
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Airplane Floyd Bennett, which carried the Byrd party safely to and from the South pole

The First Radio Message from the South Pole
--flashed over antennae equipped with PYREX Insulators
Hand holding Pyrex antenna insulator

Four PYREX Insulators like this are used on the antennae of the Floyd Bennett
"Radio made this expedition possible" says Commander Byrd

Triumphant at last, after months of preparation, Commander Byrd has flown over the South Pole. From his airplane, the Floyd Bennett, he flashed the news by radio while flying directly over the Pole.
    On all his base ship, airplane, and portable stations Commander Byrd uses PYREX radio insulators, exclusively. They have well earned his confidence. The Commander's radio message that he was flying over the North Pole, his distance record for low-wave length signals, his reports from the transatlantic airplane, America -- all were sent over PYREX insulator equipped antennae.
    Broadcasting stations, marine and stationary radio communication systems and critical amateurs all over the world find that PYREX insulation preserves maximum strength and clarity of radio impulses.
    PYREX Radio Insulators are but one of the many Corning Glass Works achievements that contribute to human safety, comfort and industrial progress.

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