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800-1246 IN-1 Strain; hard rubber; with hooks. Drawing RL-D-73.
800-1247 IN-2 Strain; Electrose No. 4500; without hooks; to withstand 45,000 volts; 1 ½ inches by 2 1/8 inches diameter.
800-1248 IN-3 Stream line; Dilecto; 4 by ½ inch; used in Equipment, type A-22
800-1249 IN-4 Strain; S.D.G.P. Electrose, No. 3001; to withstand 42,000 volts; 4 1/8 by 3 1/16 diameter; drawing 986-5
800-1250 IN-5 Strain; hard rubber rod with hole through each end; 5 ½ by ?/8 inch.
800-1251 IN-6 Mast-top; bakelite; with brass cap; 3 11/16 by 1 7/16 inches; threaded to fit Pin, type FT-3. Drawing RL-B-330.
800-1252 IN-7 Pin type; consists of a molded bakelite insulator with metal cup, molded on a steel pin of square cross section threaded at bottom end; over-all dimensions, 3 7/8 inches long by 1 7/8 inches diameter, large end, by 1 1/8 inches diameter, small end; pin is 3/8 inches square; used as mast-top insulator; interchangeable with assembly of Insulator, type IN-6, and Pin, type FT-3.
800-1253 IN-8 Strain; phenol fiber rod of rectangular section, to withstand 35,000 volts for 1 minute; 4 inches long.
800-1254 IN-10 Strain; micarta strip, 7 inches long by ½ inch wide by ¼ inch thick; fitted with galvanized-steel clevises at each end; also galvanized-steel harness hooks at each end; drawing RL-A-1057.
800-1258 IN-53 Wooden-knob; single-groove; 1 ½ inches high by 1 ¼ inches in diameter; groove diameter 5/16 inch; hole diameter ½ inch; for trench use. Drawing 1347-1.
800-1259 IN-55 Strain; hard rubber; 3 ½ inches long by 5/8 inches diameter; has hole 1/32 diameter through each end; used on Antenna, type AN-4. Drawing 986-5.
800-1260 IN-56 Double-groove; double-petticoat porcelain; equipped with lag screw; over-all dimensions, including screw, 5 ½ inches high; maximum diameter, 1 ½ inches; distance between groove centers, 1 inch; formerly designated "Porcelain insulator with lag screw, type A". Drawing 1371-1.
800-1261 IN-57 Wooden-knob; formerly designated "Knob insulator. 2.25 cm"; single-groove; dimensions, 7/8 inch high by ½ inch diameter. Drawing 1347a-I.
800-1262 IN-58 Wooden knob; formerly designated "Knob insulator, 2.5 cm"; single-groove; dimensions, 1 inch by 13/16 inch diameter; Drawing 1347a-I.
800-1263 IN-59 Wooden knob; formerly designated "Knob insulator, 4.5 cm"; single-groove; dimensions, 1 ½ inch by 1 7/16 inch diameter. Drawing 1347a-I.
800-1264 IN-60 Knob; trench-type; made of electrose or similar composition; single-groove; formerly designated "Knob insulator, trench type, composition". Drawing 1347-1.
800-1265 IN-61 Porcelain; strain; comprises a porcelain rod, 18 inches long by 1 ½ inches diameter, which is fitted at both ends with cast aluminum caps electrostatic shields; formerly called "Porcelain insulator with electrostatic shield." Drawing 1395.
800-1266 IN-62 Pigtail; for lance poles; die-molded of mica or similar compound. Drawing No. 40002A1.
800-1267 IN-63 Clamp; for lance poles; die-molded of mica or similar compound. Drawing 40002A1.