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The Author grows succulents at his Northern California home. He's mostly interested in unusual forms, contrasts, and of course the beautiful flowers. Here are some pics of more notable successes:

Stapelia gigantea: From the name you can guess this Stapelia has grand flowers, and it does. They're so big that when the plant was smaller, a single open flower entirely hide and plant and pot both (over 11" across). This is a carrion flower, so you don't want to hang around it in warm weather. The last picture shows the pollinators, confused and aggravated flies, invited to a banquet by the stench of decay, but alas it was a trick. These shots from the '02 flowering:
Stapelia gigantea (one flower open) Stapelia gigantea (second flower just opening) Stapelia gigantea (two flowers open) Confused flies visiting Stapelia gigantea

The third flower in that bunch didn't open until the first had deflated, so never got the hat trick. Flower #4 came along in November, for a record four whoppers from this plant. A good year.

Huernia penzigii: Another corpse-flower, but with smaller, more subdued corpses. This one's gone cristate on some of the hanging branches. Very useful plant to have around to attract flies; which when stunned are a favorite food of brainless angelfish. Huernia penzigii Huernia penzigii (close-up of flowers) Ariocarpus fissuratus: Lucked into this specimen while visiting a nursery down San Diego way. It's a bit too green and vigorous in this pic, the Author has been over-watering it. Properly, it should evoke a "Is it dead?" response when seen. Ariocarpus fissuratus
Four pictures of the seed pods and seed of Huernia penzigii taken August 5, 2005. Huernia penzigii seed pods Huernia penzigii seed pod
Huernia penzigii open seed pod Huernia penzigii seed