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My best Maydwell-20 milkglass (of the greenie-with-amber-swirls variety) was stolen from the '99 Mountain View show, when three collectors brought their milkglass collections for comparison.

The stolen piece is unique and distinctive! No picture exists, but a mock-up is forthcoming.

This is the large RDP variety, in a solid green overall tone, with strong amber swirls. The very specific feature to look for is a 1/4" amber streak running diagonally in front dead smack through the embossing.

It's a great streak, a full 1/4" wide for quite a while, running from bottom left through the "Maydwell" diagonally to the top right. There are other swirls too, but that's the best and most distinctive.

This was the best green-with-amber-swirls M-20 milk that's been seen; there's not another piece like it! That's why some filth stole it.

If you see this insulator please contact the Author and let him know where it is! This is a stolen piece, the owner wants it back, and the thief must be dealt with.

I received this email more than 10 years after the piece was stolen:

Date: Sat,  4 Jun 2016 07:53:40 +0200 (CEST)
From: "Anonymous Remailer (austria)" <mixmaster@remailer.privacy.at>
To: ian@macky.net
Subject: Maydwell 20 Milkglass

Need to know if you will pay a reward for the return of this piece. How much.
Answer on glassian. If you are not willing to pay, it will never be seen again.

If this person wishes to be taken seriously, they should email me a photo of the insulator in question to prove possession.

Book Look, claiming to be specialists and have very rare old books, sells outrageously-priced photocopies of their pages. Not the pages themselves, not digitized, cleaned up, reprinted pages; just slapped-on-a-photocopier copies.

They charged $10 to photocopy a single page article on Luxfer out of a book. They refused to say what book it was, claiming there were no covers, just a stack of pages. I asked if there were any way at all to ID the original book, and the specialists said no.

So, the Author paid them $10 for the single photocopy (plus $4 postage), thinking it would be put online and spare everyone else the expense.

When the page was received, it took only a couple minutes to identify the original book using the clues on the page itself plus what little information Book Look had provided. A quick search and lo, dozens of copies for sale cheap, it's not rare at all.

One is ordered. Original complete book delivered for less than Book Look charged to photocopy and mail a single page.