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Credit is gratefully given to the following individuals (alphabetical):
Special Mention:
A special thanks to Dietrich Neumann for his Luxfer monograph, "The Century's Triumph in Lighting": The Luxfer Prism Companies and their Contribution to Early Modern Architecture, the main scholarly work on the subject. I learned more about Luxfer within ten minutes of receiving this issue than I had in the previous year of digging around on my own. This goldmine is slowly being digested and the facts published here, but credit goes to Neumann for the original research. If you are interested in Luxfer, and don't own a copy this JSAH issue, then you are not interested in Luxfer.

The following excellent organizations and people provided images, copying, scanning or research services for free, at nominal cost, or for trade, and were helpful and professional in all regards. They are warmly thanked.
The following individuals provided paid services:
The following organizations provided paid research services:
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