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The Author is always looking to expand his collections.
If you have anything similar to the following for sale or trade please contact him!


Vault lights & Deck prisms Battery glass (legs/glides/rests/trays)
Backus Novelty locks Fry electrical glass
Babson Brothers Surge electric fence items,
especially Kwick Klips
Any great old glass/iron object, try me!


Specific items desired (in VNM or better condition, exceptions as noted):

154 Hemi-42, clear/blue 2-Tone
154 Min Com Cuba, butterscotch
241 Hemi-23 RDP, honey amber, MINT
141 Crosstop, light aqua, any condition
252 McLaughlin-62, emerald green, MINT
113.2 Duquesne
145 H.G., yellow amber
155 R.Y.T., cornflower blue, honey amber
143.6 Boston
106.3 Duquesne, cornflower blue
154 Dominion-42, cornflower, MINT
732.2 Tillotson
267.5 N.E.G.M., lighter greens
260 California, SCA
221 Hemi-68, amber
186 Hemi-19
164 Petticoat, purple
162 Hemi-19 RDP, lighter cobalts
Additions and upgrades to the following speciality sub-collections are always welcome:

  • Glass insulators with metal fittings
  • Glass insulators on original hardware
  • Suspension/Strain/Johnny Ball
  • Early Insulators (ramshorns, etc)
  • Floor and Wall Bushings
  • Pyrex Radio Insulators
  • CD 154
  • Maydwell-20 milkglass
  • Millville oddities
  • Battery Rest/Leg/Tray/Channel
  • California (CGI, CEW, McL color)
  • CD (not really a speciality, eh?)
  • Color (ditto)
  • Hemi-19 RDP
  • B.G.M.
  • D-512
  • Withycombe
  • Lightning Rod Insulators (LRIs)
  • UFOs, inclusions, giants bubbles, etc
  • All other glass Go-Withs