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Coal cars being filled

Things to Do
  1. Collect as many different kinds of coal as you can. Label a lump of each kind for your school museum.
  2. Make a list of ten things you own which coal helped to manufacture.
  3. Collect as many products of coal as you can. Moth balls, coke, ammonia water, aspirin, and coal tar dyes are some of the things you should have in your collection.
  4. If you burn coal in a furnace or stove in your home, find out what kind of coal you burn.
  5. Visit a coal mine if there is one near you.
  6. If there is a museum near you, it may have a coal exhibit. It may even have a model coal mine that you can go down in. Go to see any such exhibit that you can.
  7. Heat some small pieces of soft coal in a test tube. Notice the smoky gas that comes out of the test tube. Notice the drops of liquid that form on the walls of the test tube. Notice the coke that is left in the bottom of the test tube.
  8. If you burn soft coal in your home, look for prints of leaves in the coal.