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We Sell Daylight · American Builder · November 1922
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We Sell Daylight
We Sell Daylight—
Every corner of every building you plan or erect can be daylighted of you make use of the products we have perfected. Write our engineers your problems.
3 Way-Luxfer Prism Transoms
Project daylight to far ends of stores, shops, etc. Lazalite glass that does not turn pink or purple.
3 Way-Luxfer Sidewalk Lights
Greatest glass area—strongest construction. Polariscope tested Lazalite glass. Made with reground cement. Ready to set slabs or built on the job.
3 Way Simplex Skylights
Once installed need no attention—concrete construction—Polariscope tested Lazalite glass. Made with reground cement.
Steelead Skylights
The ideal skylight construction. Everlasting—no upkeep cost—no paint or putty. Better than the best sheet metal at no greater price.
American 3 Way-Luxfer Prism Company
1307 S. 55th St., CICERO, ILL.      139 Spring St., NEW YORK CITY
American Builder, November 1922