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American Prismatic Light Company
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American Prismatic Light Co. ad from The Delaware County Daily Times, June 6, 1900
If so, our "3-way" Prisms will light them.
Send postal and we will give you estimate.
Delaware County Daily Times, June 6, 1900


  • 48 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, PA


  • ?-1899-1908-?


  • "Trolley Line Manager Resigns. Doylestown, July 13.—To accept the position of manager of the American Prismatic Light Company, with headquarters in Philadelphia, at a salary of $2,500 a year, George W. Moffatt, superintendent of the Doylestown and Willow Grove Trolley Road, since it has been in the hands of the receiver, the Doylestown Trust Company, to-day resigned his position, to take effect immediately." —The [Philadelphia] Times, July 14, 1899
  • Articles of incorporation were filed yesterday by the American Prismatic Light Company and the Standard Rebate Check Company." —The Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug 2, 1899
  • "PRISMATIC LIGHT CO.—The American Prismatic Light Co., recently organized, have opened a Phila. office and exhibit at 48 N. Eleventh; this company has an improved system of introducing daylight into dark interiors and operate under patents of Edward J. Dobbins and other inventors." —The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 15, 1900
  • "A LARGE BLOCK of preferred and common stock of the American Prismatic Light Co. will sell cheap if taken at once. A 200. Inquirer office." —The Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov 11, 1900
  • "Committee on Science and the Arts. Wednesday evening the committee on science and the arts held a stated meeting, at which final action was taken on Kitson's system of oil heating and incandescent lighting, Facer forged steel car wheels, Fritzell's method of compressing air by water and raising water by compressed air, Haupt's reaction breakwater, and American Prismatic Light Company's light projecting glass." —The [Philadelphia] Times, Jan 6, 1901
  • "BUILDERS' CONTRACTS. Ridge avenue and Francis street, southwest corner, American 3-way prisms, agreement between American Prismatic Light Company vs. Hoyt & Sons, owners." —The [Philadelphia] Times, June 10, 1901
  • Sued by the Daylight Prism Co. in 1906 for patent infringement
  • "Daylight Glass Mfg. Co. v. American Prismatic Light Co. (C. C.) 140 F. 174." and "Daylight Glass Mfg. Co. v. American Prismatic Light Co., 142. F. 454, 73 C. C. A. 570—pat. 16"
  • Nov 16, 1904, Prismatic light canopy, $27.50 Statement of expenditures, Department of the Interior, Fiscal year ending June 30, 1905
  • "New Jersey Charter void 1907. For nonpayment of taxes" —Obsolete American Securities and Corporations