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Letter to J. G. Bennett & Co · August 9, 1918
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Mullen Replaceable Vault Light letter to J. G. Bennett & Co. · 1918
Aug. 9, 1918.
J.G. Bennett & Co.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.


We propose to remove the present old vault lights in your sidewalk and replace them with our Screw Type Replaceable Vault lights for the sum of Nine Hundred Sixty-seven ($967.00) Dollars.

The above price also encludes putting a new top on the rest of the concrete work and bringing it all up to the proper city grade. We will also take care of raising the present plumbing connections in the walk.

If it is desired to repair the old light instead of installing a new walk it will cost in the neighborhood of Six Hundred Fifty ($650.00) Dollars. We find there are about 2590 glasses in the walk and at least 1/3 of them are broken so that about 863 glasses would have to be replaced and our price for this work is Seventy-five cents per light.

Respectfully submitted,

Provided by Bill Mullen, grandson of founder Leo Mullen

J. G. Bennett & Co postal cover · 1890