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grating, and which I secure by means of hooks, keys, or any known device, and when the open grating is made to separate from the frame I secure the same to its place by means of buttons, hook and chain, or by any device known and employed for fastening gratings in coal-holes. The frame C is secured to the sidewalk or over the area by means well known in the trade. The grating being in place I secure my illuminating-lid thereto, as already described.
    Whenever ventilation is required, I undo the fastenings and remove the lid. When in consequence of storm or cold weather, ventilation is no longer desirable, the lid is replaced and secured.
    When required, I use my invention in an upright position, as in the risers under steps and platforms, and in other situations, as occasion may require. When it is practicable I hinge the lid to the frame, and, when occasion required, slightly raise it, or fully raise it on one side, as the situation permits.
    In making my cover I do not confine myself to any particular form or size of apertures, nor to any precise order of arrangement for said apertures; nor yet to the same number of apertures, respectively, in the lid and in the open grating, since, with very small glasses, it is obvious the grating might be made with bars into long and narrow apertures, leaving spaces open under an entire row of glasses, and yet be sufficiently near for security.
Neither do I confine myself to any specific method of fastening the lid to the grating, or the grating to the frame, or the latter to its place, since various methods of effecting similar objects are well known to the trade.
    What I claim as my invention is the following:
    1. The open grating B, forming a continuous and safe footway, in combination with an illuminating-lid A, with its glazed apertures so arranged as that the light shall be transmitted through the apertures of said open grating, without material obstruction, said lid being capable of being opened or closed at pleasure, as set forth.
    2. In combination with the glazed lid A, formed with the deflected rim a, the open grating B, having the raised bead b, substantially as set forth.
    3. In combination with the glazed lid or cover A, an open grating B, made removable from the frame C or other support thereof for the admission of articles to the space below, as set forth.
    In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
    J. FRASER,