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    My cross-bar or bearing-beam can lie made wholly of cast-iron, or it may be made by using a straight bar of wrought-iron, with the top bearing-surfaces of malleable iron or other suitable metal fastened to it at proper intervals along its upper edge, (see letters D and d, Fig. 3,) in which case the beveled edges may be dispensed with, if desired.
    What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is--
    1. The combination, with illuminating-tiles having half light-openings along their meeting edges, of the supporting-bars provided at regular intervals on their upper sides with the broad bearings, as at B, having re-enforcing
flanges d d, and, the upper edges of the bar between these bearings, which are adapted to come beneath the light-openings, tapered so as to permit the entrance of light, substantially as specified.
    2. As an improved article of manufacture, a supporting-bar for the purpose described having its upper edge tapered to nearly a feather edge, and provided at regular intervals with broad bearings re-enforced by flanges beneath them, substantially as specified.
    J. A. J. NEAFIE,