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stated of lifting up one side of the lens, this effect being the more certain on account of the socket being always a little ample to provide for fins on the lenses caused in their manufacture by the mold not closing nicely.
    The ordinary work of illuminating-tiles for a large building requires the use of a very great number of lenses, and the setting of these has to be quickly done, admitting of no minute attention in detail, and the whole when completed has to be water-tight. Therefore it becomes apparent that any means which will insure the rapid setting of the lenses without danger of any of them slipping and thus causing a leak is of advantage.
    In order to further subserve the object of keeping the lens in place when the thick plastic material or filling is being pressed upon the side in smoothing the surface, I have a ring a' formed on the lens above the skewback.
    It will be readily understood that the bottom of my lens may be of any suitable form for a plane lens, a refracting-lens, and other forms.
    I am aware that lenses have been heretofore made with rings of different shapes about their periphery, and I do not claim such; but
    What I do claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is--
    In an illuminating-tile, the lenses fitted in the tile-frame, each of said lenses having its bottom and top light-surfaces of about equal area, and a peripheral frustuminal extension around its lower portion and projecting beyond the light area of the lens, the bottom of said extension resting on a base in the tile-frame and forming a support for the lens, said lens having also formed around its upper portion above the frustuminal extension an encircling ring, and the filling-in material between the lenses, substantially as herein described.
    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand.
    S. H. NOURSE,
    H. C. LEE.