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2 A.D. 1856.--Nº 2931. Provisional Specification

Green's Impts. in Manufacturing Glass Lights for Street Vaults, Ships, &c.

    I prefer the frames being heated to a dull red heat previous to pouring in the molten glass, for the purpose of expanding the frame or mould, and afterwards, in cooling, contracts and fits close to the glass, without injury to either.
    The Invention consists, secondly, in the apparatus used for ladling or conveying the molten glass from one furnace to another, or from the furnace to the casting plate or moulds. An iron bar is suspended from the timbers or ceiling, forming a railway for receiving a flanged pulley, to the axle of which is suspended a chain or rod; to the end of this is attached a ladle, having at one end a conveniently-shaped bowl for ladling the molten glass from the furnace, and at the other end a cross handle for the operator, this arrangement enabling a single attendant to convey the molten glass from the furnace to plate or mould at a much less expenditure of time and labour than has been done heretofore.

SPECIFICATION in pursuance of the conditions of the Letters Patent, filed by the said Jacob Green in the Great Seal Patent Office on the 9th June 1857.

    TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, I, JACOB GREEN, of the City and County of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, United States of America, send greeting.

    WHEREAS Her most Excellent Majesty Queen Victoria, by Her Letters Patent, bearing date the Eleventh day of December, in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, in the twentieth year of Her reign, did, for Herself, Her heirs and successors, give and grant unto me, the said Jacob Green, Her special license that I, the said Jacob Green, my executors, administrators, and assigns, should at any time agree with, and no others, from time to time and at all times thereafter during the term therein expressed, should and lawfully might make, use, exercise, and vend, within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Channel Islands, and Isle of Man, an Invention for "IMPROVEMENTS IN THE MODE OF MANUFACTURING GLASS LIGHTS FOR STREET VAULTS, SHIPS, BUILDINGS AND FRICTION BOXES, AND THE APPARATUS FOR LADLING OR CONVEYING THE MOLTEN GLASS FROM ONE FURNACE TO ANOTHER," upon the condition (amongst others) that I, the said Jacob Green, my executors or administrators, by an instrument