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WLW - 50,000 Watts - and a strong believer in Pyrex Insulators
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WLW - 50,000 Watts - and a strong believer in Pyrex Insulators

PYREX Insulators at Station WLW: 1 and 2 on antenna line 1 and lead in. 3, 4 and 5 on frequency transmission line and lead in.
6 supports on the tuning coil. 7 on the antenna tension line.

WLW — 50,000 Watts
— and a strong believer in PYREX Insulators

We feel that PYREX Insulators have minimum leakage and that they do their part in maintaining quality and range. Our installations have proven unusually strong, durable and free from breakage. The insulating quality is satisfactory in fog, rain, etc. —J. A. Chambers, Technical Supervisor

SUPER-POWER, advanced design, and PYREX Insulators throughout in the local combination that has enabled its owners, Crosley Radio Corporation, to bring this fine new station info just prominence.
    That PYREX Insulators have vindicated their right to exclusive use here is evident from the above comment.
    An investigation of the 600 American broadcasting stations showed that PYREX Insulators were almost universally used on
the antennae, that the larger and new stations prefer PYREX Entering Insulators on the lead-in, and that where conditions invite the use of stand-off, pillar and bus-bar types, PYREX Insulators are given the preference.
    In the broadcasting stations, as in the U.S. Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Ice Patrol and Air Mail Services, PYREX Insulators have become the standard because of their uniformly successful performance.
A suitable type and size for every radio service is listed and
priced in our PYREX Radio Insulators booklet. Write us for a
copy and get PYREX Insulators from your nearest supply
house, or if necessary from us direct.
Pyrex Radio Insulators cover page
Industrial and Laboratory Division: CORNING, N. Y.

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QST November 1929
QST Amateur Radio, November 1929, Page 2
Page 2