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J. A. King & Co, Ltd
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J. A. King & Co Ltd


J. A. King invoice to Messrs. Colivet Frerers
Invoice to Colivet Frerers

J. A. King ad from builders' compendium, 1914
Builders' Compendium ad

J. A. King in 1936-38 Architect's Standard Catalogue
Architect's Standard Catalogue
  • Bridge House (Next Blackfriars Bridge), 181 Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4
  • 272 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield
  • Cattle Market Road, Temple Meads, Bristol
  • 4 Oxford Place, Leeds
  • Works: Hayes, Middlesex; Rawcliffe, Yorkshire
  • Telegrams "Kinovique, Cent, London"
  • Telephone CENTRAL 773 and CITY 2218 (1914)
  • Telephone Central 5886


  • 1899 Founded
  • 1914 (builders' catalogue)
  • 1929 (Nottingham Council House)
  • 1934 (Laxton's & Lockwood's)
  • 1973 Acquired by Luxcrete


  • "Ferro-Glass" construction for Pavement, Stallboard, Floor and Roof Lights, &c.
  • "Glas-crete" patent construction for Pavement, Floor, Roof and Lantern Lights.
  • "King" registered non-sip tiles prevent slipping
  • "Cristol-Glass" registered construction for ceilings, domes, skylights, windows, &c., made up of figured glass and deep relief molded glass units in white and different colours, assembled in special strong copper sections and treated by electrolytic process.
  • Also: "King" Centreless Floors, Partitions, Pumice Concrete Blocks, Plaster Slabs, Hollow Tiles, Clinker Concrete Blocks, and Fibrous Plaster Ceiling Slabs.


Glas-Crete Reinforced Concrete and Glass Constructions
GLAS-CRETE Reinforced Concrete
and Glass Constructions

J. A. King & Company Ltd
London GB, 1938, 36p
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  • "A list of contractors involved in the various types of work done in connection with the building of the [Nottingham] Council House (New Exchange) opened May 22, 1929" ... "Specialists in reinforced concrete and glass construction, providing "Ferro-Glass" for pavements, floor, roof and storeboard [sic] lights, "Glass-crete", reinforced concrete and glass for lantern lights and roof lights; All glass soffit. No iron exposed to rust or paint." --Nottingham City Council Online