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Historic Prism Glass Companies of Oceania
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  • Leopold Barnett & Co., 9 Wynyard Street, Sydney, Australia [?-1895-1949-?]
    • "In 1949 a local company, Leopold Barnett Pty Ltd of Sydney, was advertising skylights which had an extra layer of glass underneath, to improve the appearance and diffuse the light better." —Ware & Richardson, Ramsay's Catalogue (1949)
  • Hayward's, Jamieson Street, New South Wales, Australia
  • "Keppler's Ferro-Glass"
    • Mentioned in Miles Lewis' Australian Building: A Cultural Investigation, section 11.05 (glass).
    • Ad in The Argus (Melbourne), Saturday, January 3, 1914, page 3: "ARCHITECTS.—Use Keppler's Ferro Glass, Fire-proof Pavement, Vertical Roof Lights, 6000ft. now being supplied to one building in Melbourne. Agent, E. Ratcliff, 230 Collins st."
  • B. G. Plummer & Co., Sydney, Australia [Pat No. 20744] [ask20791]
  • T. Pritchard [?-1901-?]
    • "Sole Agent in South Australia for HAYWARD BROS. & ECKSTEIN, LTD., Manufacturers of PRISMATIC PAVEMENT LIGHTS. The Lights menufactured by this Firm are acknowledged the best in the market. DAYLIGHT REFLECTORS. A visit to our Showrooms will enable any one to judge of the value of these in increasing the natural light in a room." —The Register, 31 May 1901, via Trove.